Synera has design experience in medical products and components supporting Ventilation, Hematology, Arthroscopic, and Imaging sectors.  Synera has experience in high-volume disposable medical devices and components.

Syringes and Auto-Syringes

Development of auto-disabling syringe products to minimize needle-stick injuries to patients and healthcare personnel

Custom single-use syringes for high-value, specialized pharmaceutical delivery

Ventilation Components – Hospital Systems

Humidification Chamber Devices to optimize heat-transfer evaporation insuring patient ventilation comfort.

Disposable high-volume integrally Heated Ventilation tubing systems.

Ventilation Components – CPAP Home and Clinical Systems

Flow Generators incorporating internal humidification

Heated and unheated patient delivery hoses and fittings

Patient masks


Blood Isolation

  • Bio Hazard Cassette system
  • Bio Hazard Cassette Robot Analyzer
  • Cryogenic Sample Container System
  • Blood Mixing devices

Blood Flow

  • Laser-Doppler perfusion monitor
  • Laser-optical sensing probes

Arthroscopy Devices

Laser-Fiberoptic Cauterization Probes

Optical feed-thrus, Lumens, and Porting devices

Perfusion Monitoring

Laser-Doppler blood-flow monitor
Optical-fiber probe systems
Laser-optical components and subsystems