Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my project doesn’t fall within Synera’s Core technical sectors?  Can you still perform my specific project needs?

A: By definition, Synera’s core technical sectors are the fields we have the most projects and experience in.  Contrary to general belief, design experience typically transfers well between technologies.  Cross-technology innovation can be a key strategy for problem-solving and can’t be underestimated.  We are always happy to review your project and respond on our approach.

Q: We’ve not done a Project before that requires strict adherence and reporting to Standards and oversight.  Will this transition be a show-stopper for our organization?

A: The key to a successful regulated project is addressing the scope of the imposed Standards up-front.  All client project personnel need to understand the efficacy of the regulations, specifications, or guidelines and have a stake and buy-in to their outcome.  Project planning must integrate these KPI’s into all steps of the project.

Q: Our product needs a refresh in specific technology areas.  Can we engage Synera to review and improve only those areas recommended?

A: The simple answer is Yes.

A great deal of our projects involve assessment and redesign of existing products.  This is especially prevalent in Aerospace and Military Sectors, where product life-spans can be decades.

Subsequent to the review process, Synera can provide a short-list of recommended upgrades and prioritize extent by implementation efforts and costs.

Q: We have been asked to provide our product as an OEM.  Our customer wants more data specifically on reliability and robustness, can you assist?

A: Yes.  Synera can provide evaluation activities on your existing products.

Output can be in the form of an independent Engineering review or integrated into your Engineering system reporting system.

CFD and FEA analysis and reports are also available as stand-alone services.