Synera has design experience in Defense equipment for metrology, monitoring, communications, targeting, and tactical activities.

SEAL Tactical Hardware

  • Non-metallic combat knife
  • Compact hand-held periscope
  • NATO rail mount – M4-IR Scope

US Army Radio

  • HAVEQUICK upgrade
  • Amplifier Upgrade
  • Antenna Upgrade

FADEC Enclosure System

US Navy LCAC Hovercraft – Turbine Control Module

  • NEMA 4X 316SS
  • Battle-swap component configuration
  • Cockpit instrument panel controls

USJFC Pulsed Video Devices

Pulsed Video Binoculars

  • Visual and multi-band IR hand-held imager
  • Battery/charger
  • Computer interface
  • Carrying case

USJFC Tactical Rangefinder

  • Batter Charger
  • Carrying Case

Ruggerized Video Monitor Module

  • Helicopter, aircraft and vehicle compatible
  • NEMA 4X – Titanium housing
  • VIS/NVIS Compatible
  • Adjustable viewing position mount